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your food struggle ends here.

Are you ready to

ditch diets

therapist for eating disorders Dallas Texas Florida
I'm Margaret, a clinical therapist with a passion for helping women just like you repair your relationship with food, and finally find peace with your body!
YES it is possible!! I understand that navigating life stress, food & body image, and relationships can be challenging, but together, we can pave your unique path to healing and living your best, happy life!

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Birthday Party with Ice Cream

It's really not about the food...

when we address the underlying wounds, traumas, betrayals & insecurities, food & body image fall into place naturally.

Imagine life without...

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Tranquil Pathways Counseling (1).png
Tranquil Pathways Counseling (1).png
Tranquil Pathways Counseling (1).png
Tranquil Pathways Counseling (1).png

body hate

stressful food rules

constant diets

stressing over the menu

avoiding eating out

women in therapy

What You Can Expect:


We'll take a deep dive to uncover exactly what's holding you back from food and body freedom.


Next, we'll develop a plan to get you on track to achieve your goals, and feeling like your best self!

Ready to get started? Book your free 15 minute introduction call.

 What my clients are saying... 

"Margaret has helped me heal my painful body image issues and over eating at night.
I am so thankful."

"Margaret was able to provide an unbiased opinion on my relationship. She has seen it from the very beginning and has helped me see things from a different perspective. She has had great advice that has helped me grow my relationship for the better."

"Thankful I found someone that truly listens to me..."
"I feel safe and heard with Margaret and would recommend her as a therapist"
"Margaret is wonderful, she listens very thoughtfully and always provides a safe space to have important conversations, would highly recommend"

Ready to give yourself that self-care you keep putting off?


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Service Areas

Dallas, TX Duncanville, TX Irving, TX Garland, TX Grand Prairie, TX Richardson, TX Fort Worth, TX Haltom City, TX Arlington, TX Grapevine, TX Flower Mound, TX, Palm Beach FL, Orlando, FL, St Pete, FL, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Destin, FL, Pensacola, FL, Naples, FL, Miami, FL, Boca Raton, FL

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