Support for Relationship Struggles

Relationships can be confusing, exhausting, and even painful. But they don’t have to be...

I work with my clients to strengthen themselves, their relationships, and find their power to bring a happy, full life.

Can I Work On My Relationship Alone?: Yes. Most of my clients come to individual therapy looking for support because of relationship struggles. While there is valuable work that can be done in couples therapy, working with a therapist alone can also bring self discovery and understanding of your personal needs in your relationship.

I Am Not Sure I Even Want to Continue My Relationship, but I Can’t Seem to Leave: There are many reasons why it might be tough to leave your relationship, even when you know it's best for you. Relationship addiction, attachment, and fear of losing the comfort of the familiar are a few reasons. Therapy can help you to feel strong again, learn about the dynamics that keep you stuck, and feel confident to make the choices to move forward.

Are you grieving the end of your relationship?: My clients come to therapy for all types of reasons, one of them being struggling to move past, and feel hope again after an ended relationship. Let’s work to get YOU back!

Reflection: We will look closely at those people and things in your life which are toxic, defeating, or enabling unhealthy patterns.