Therapy From the Comfort of Your Own Space

I offer therapy virtually, for those where it may be more convenient, or feel more comfortable not coming to my office.

Common Questions...

What is Online Counseling?

Accessing therapy can be simple and convenient! By using your smartphone, tablet or computer, access a secure and private video conferencing service and you are instantly connected to your therapist. Therapy with just a few clicks, anywhere!

Some Benefits of Virtual Counseling

  • Convenient! No need to travel to your therapist's office.

  • Confidential- rather than have to sit in a waiting room, you'll have the complete anonymity that the privacy of your home provides.

  • Less expensive- because sessions are provided remotely, my fee is less than most therapists who provide face to face counseling.

What Else Should I Know?

  • I hold a counseling license in the states of Texas and Florida, therefore I only take clients who reside in one of those two states.

  • Safe, and secure: This platform is HIPAA compliant, and offers privacy & security that video conferencing services such as Skype, do not. 

  • It is important to dedicate yourself a private space, where you won't be disturbed during your therapy appointment.

  • Online counseling is not for everyone and if necessary I will provide a referral to a provider better suited to your needs

  • Prior to our first session I will send you an email with a link to consent forms which will need to be signed (digital signatures are accepted).

  • Sessions can be completed on your Desktop or Laptop Computer, iPad, iPhone, Android Phone or Tablet.