Support for Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are not all about the food-   Yes, I said it!


Life events, biology, learned maladaptive ways of coping all cause cracks in the foundation. Looking at underlying causes: feeling like you're not good enough, bullying, trauma, abuse, not knowing how to ask for what you need… All of these things are fuel for an eating disorder. Tackling these things and untangling them, can help with healing and promote healthier behaviors.

What we will do in therapy...

We will create real strategies that you can put to use now.  We will work together to plan tangible, workable prevention habits and skills to get through those most difficult times so that you can resist the eating disorder voice and thrive as your best self. 

Address Perfectionism: Uproot its deep hold. Perfect ideals play a large part in maintaining an eating disorder.


Identify Limiting Beliefs: Core values have been twisted and distorted which has given the eating disorder a place to live.

Social Support: Family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances: we will discuss how to manage and balance interactions with others that can oftentimes be uncomfortable or even painful. We will identify ways to address harmful patterns of interaction that are unhealthy and limiting.


Manage Expectations: Learning to give yourself grace, compassion and love are needed for lasting recovery.

Reflection: We will look closely at those people and things in your life which are toxic, defeating, or enabling unhealthy patterns.

Not all stages of recovery are appropriate for outpatient, virtual counseling. In some instances it may be appropriate for me to collaborate with a complete treatment team (dietitian, MD, psychiatrist) to ensure you are getting the best possible care.