Body Image & Eating Disorders

"Today I will focus on what I can control..."

Therapy can help...

Whether you are struggling with an eating disorder, in recovery, or want to learn how to love yourself & your body. We can work through it together. 


My clients come to me for a variety of reasons: past eating disorders, no eating disorder history, but struggling with loving their bodies. I operate with the approach of health at every size (HAES Model).

I have previously worked in high levels of care treating women & adolescents struggling with eating disorders. I now enjoy helping those struggling to maintain a quality of life free from the pains that food & body image distress can cause.

How we will work together: We will create real strategies that you can put to use now.  We will work together to plan tangible, workable prevention habits and skills to get through those most difficult times so that you can resist negative self talk & behaviors and thrive as your best self. 

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